My account has been flagged and I can’t do anything on the site. Help!




  • Rebecca Lack

    So, my account was flagged a week ago for who knows what reason. I’ve submitted multiple support requests with no response. Has this happened to anyone else? I had purchased $5 of credits, and now I feel like that money was just stolen from me.

  • Kirstie Rowlands

    Yes the same thing is happening to me! I’ve got 37 dollars of money in my acc and can’t withdraw or transfer for more credits.

  • Alyssa Andrikanich

    Same thing has happened to me. Completely feels like my money has been stolen

  • Rebecca Lack

    I finally had some success in getting it unflagged by messaging FleetWit through their Facebook page. I would recommend that you guys try that too. Hope it works!

  • Mitch

    I'm thinking group/class action lawsuit everyone

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